Stephen Beck: smart builder – A God-centred Spirituality in a Me-centred World

Smart_Builder_v2.inddStephen Beck hat in seiner Tätigkeit als Pastor, theologischer Lehrer und Gemeindegründer schon vielen Menschen geholfen, ein gesundes, evangeliumszentriertes geistliches Leben zu entwickeln. All das hat er nun in “smart builder” zusammengefasst.
Mit “smart builder” veröffentlicht pulsmedien sein erstes Buch in englischer Sprache. Das Buch wird international vertrieben.

320 Seiten – 22 x 13,5 cm
€ [D] 16,95; € [A] 17,40; CHF 25,50
ISBN 978-3-939577-06-5
Bestell Nr.: 652.806
Erschienen im November 2011

Über den Autor

STEPHEN BECK wurde 1955 in New York geboren, ist in Deutschland aufgewachsen und war nach seiner theologischen Ausbildung Pastor und Gemeindegründer in den USA und Kanada.
Seit 2005 ist er Dozent für Praktische Theologie an der Freien Theologischen Hochschule in Gießen.
Dr. Stephen Beck begleitet und schult durch das City-Mentoring-Programm sowie das  Europäische Institut für Gemeindegründung und Gemeindewachstum Gemeindegründer und Pastoren in Europa.
Er ist mit Susan verheiratet und hat vier Kinder.
Von  Stephen Beck ist außerdem das Buch klug_bauen (pulsmedien 2007) erschienen, eine kompakte Zusammenfassung von „smart builder“ in Deutsch.

Stimmen zum Buch

This is a much-needed guide to true spirituality. Stephen Beck has an intelligent way of
combining real life experience, deep theological reflection, and practical wisdom. He draws
from the Scriptures and the best sources of our Christian tradition, and with his broad
historical perspective avoids some of the recent imbalances in postmodernism.  To all my
fellow-Europeans, as well as to people all over the world who long for spiritual vitality
far beyond the unsatisfying shallowness of pop-spirituality or the tedious formalism of
Christian religiosity, this is the book for you!
Dr. Armin Baum
Professor of New Testament, Giessen School of Theology Giessen, Germany

Without question, this insightful, skillfully written, theologically sound book will be used
as the hands of Christ to touch and transform lives globally. With the skill of a spiritual
surgeon, Dr. Beck cuts straight through tradition and culture to the very core of our being
in order to minister the healing balm of the living Christ. The stories, illustrations and
personal references make the theology come alive and jump out of the page.
Dr. Bob Penhearow
President of William Carey Outreach Ministries Guelph, Canada

What are the fundamentals of a Christ centered life? Too many believers and unbelievers
don’t know how to answer this question. Dr. Stephen Beck explains with an engaging and
refreshing writing style the foundations of an enriching relationship with our creator. Even
if we endure painful processes of change, our task is to enjoy God whose mercy overflows,
as we are enjoying the presence of a loved one. At the end of every chapter you will find a
toolbox with practical advice to be a smart builder of your own life.
Harald Nikesch
Pastor, Landau, Germany
Director, City Mentoring Program, Giessen, Germany

This book is an excellent guide for understanding and living out the Christian faith in the
postmodern culture of the twenty-first century. It avoids the dangers of moralism, anti-
intellectualism and irrationalism, while presenting a Christian belief and practice that is
biblically-grounded, gospel-centred and intellectually respectable. It will benefit committed
Christians who read it, as well as sincere seekers who desire to understand the beliefs and
practices of the Christian faith.
Dr. Guenther H. Haas
Professor of Religion and Theology, Redeemer University College Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

I can still remember when I discovered the power of a gospel-driven spirituality for my own
life and ministry. Nothing has brought more joy, freedom and courage than living life from
a God-centered perspective. I highly recommend this book.
Heiko Barthelmess
Pastor, Church in the Theatre (Kirche im Kino) Innsbruck, Austria

Stephen Beck is passionate about a lot of things, and spirituality is one of them. This book
is robust, no-nonsense, thought-provoking stuff, straight-talking with a flourish, a flash
of humor and some lovely human touches. His treatment of Christian spirituality even
includes a much-needed, practical chapter on the theology of suffering. This book will take
you right to the point of every soul’s quest: what does it look like in this confused and
chaotic world for mortal man to have an intimate relationship with Almighty God?
Dr. André Pownall
Professor, Institut Biblique de Nogent Paris, France

In our postmodern age spirituality has become largely a matter of biographical quests.
Even though this is inevitable, there is a great risk of becoming all consumed by ourselves.
Stephen Beck has written a lively, sometimes funny, and profound book – with insights
from his long-time experience in the most postmodern part of the world – outlining how we
can be truly late-modern people and yet God-centered. I warmly recommend it.
Dr. Stefan Paas
J.H. Bavinck Professor of Church Planting and Church Renewal, 
Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Stephen Beck has developed an excellent tool to take us through the crucial elements
of knowing God and following Jesus in day-to-day life. Through stories, Scripture, and
helpful directives Dr. Beck works us through the foundational principles of life with God,
principles that are right and practical in any culture. This return to a “God-centered
spirituality” will truly inspire you.
Henry L. Deneen  
President, Greater Europe Mission, Monument, Colorado, USA

A masterful restating of how to be spiritual in terms that are not only loyal to Scripture,
but reader-friendly to the postmoderns Stephen Beck has been ministering to for many
years. This is a book you need to buy in multiples to be given away.
Dr. W. David Beck
Professor of Philosophy, Liberty University,  Lynchburg, Virginia, USA